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My daughter, Connie, and I fell in love with glass art many years ago on our first visit to Murano Island near Venice.  Watching a glob of molten glass formed into a beautiful object was amazing.  Sometime later, we had the opportunity to visit the workshop of a ninety-plus year old glass-maker in the Czech Republic.  He let us use his wood-burning kiln to try to make a few very small items.  From that moment on, we were both hooked on glass!


Lots and lots of classes... lots of ruined glass... a very understanding spouse... a "real" studio that keeps expanding... a sheet glass inventory that keeps expanding... five kilns (and counting)... we are on a personally rewarding journey that hopefully lasts a long, long time!


Joining us in the studio this year are my sister, Edie Lanier, and our friend, Teresa Gibbons. The addition of those two very different skill sets has added new dimensions to our glass art.  We all four have very different talents (and tastes) and those varied talents are apparent in the glass art we create.  There is a synergy that has developed in the studio that is keeping the ideas flowing and the kilns heating.


Teaching the art of working with glass to Edie & Teresa has reminded me once again of how much I love to teach and pass-on my meager knowledge.  Guess that a larger studio with room for classes will have to be in the not-to-distant future.


If you see something you like or have an idea for a special item, talk to one of us... we will be happy to work with you to commission the perfect piece.



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